We founded ChamberQUEER to fill a need in our community for a specifically queer space within the classical music scene. Our first season, ran June 21-23, 2019 in community venues in Brooklyn, featured over two dozen LGBTQ+ musicians and composers in two curated concerts at Brooklyn Arts Exchange, and provided an open-mic evening at Branded Saloon for members of the community to share their work to a wider audience. 

Our first event in February packed Branded Saloon to the rafters, and in April, at our community music reading party, one attendee commented that they’d been waiting for something like this for twenty years. We’re really passionate about this project and its long-term success. 

Our mission to present queer composers and performers, highlight historically underrepresented queer figures, and provide an inclusive and intersectional space for all, is so important in our big and fast-paced city, in the classical music industry, and in our increasingly complex world. 

Your gift has a direct impact on the lives of queer musicians. The queer community is wide-ranging and intersectional, and there are so many reasons that queer artists want to come together in an intentional space, and share it with our allies and wider community: to honor our shared history, create strong and engaged community, and expand our empathy and understanding of our incredibly diverse identities through art and music. 

Thank you so much for your generosity in making ChamberQUEER a success!