For ChamberQUEER, queerness indicates an existence outside of normative societal structures. Our programming accordingly exists outside of traditional structures of classical music practices. We challenge the status quo by: abolishing the “museum piece” mentality and treating the score as a living document; breaking audience/performer barriers by inviting audience participation; poking holes in the walls between musical genres; and removing intimidating aspects of the concert-going experience, like dress code and prescribed applause breaks. And so on.

If this sounds like you and your music, or the music of someone you know, we would like to hear about it! We want to know what YOU want to say, hear, and perform in our shared space.

In 19/20, we will explore meanings of the word REVOLUTION. We seek music that is: 

  • for any combination of voices and/or strings (or, you’re OK with us messing with instrumentation)

  • somewhere below 15 minutes

  • by queer composers of all walks of life (even the dead ones) 


Please send the following by email to before Monday, Nov 25, 2019:

  • A brief note introducing yourself and your work, with pronouns and anything else we need to know

  • If you have it, a 100-ish word bio, in any style that suits you, containing whatever you want us to know. A sample ChamberQUEER bio is at the bottom of this page

  • A PDF of the score and parts, whatever is available


  • A proposal of a work meeting the requirements above, that you would be able to complete and submit by May 1, 2020

  • Any recording that is currently available of the work (midi is fine)

Please don’t use a file-sharing service that has an expiration date on downloads; we recommend google drive or dropbox as alternatives. If any of this is an issue, just let us know and we will work with you!


We will review and catalog everything we receive into our records. If we can find a place for your piece on our programming this year, we will notify you by Monday, January 27, 2020 and proceed to license it from you at that time.

You will receive an audio and video recording of the performance. We would love to have you at a rehearsal in person or via Skype, and welcome you and all your friends to the concerts pro bono.

Please note that at this time in our development as an organization, we are unable to provide commissioning fees or honoraria, but we will cover your travel and accommodation, via homestay, if you need to travel to New York for the rehearsal process and performance. 

Any questions or concerns? Please ask!

Sample ChamberQUEER Bios

Soprano Danielle Buonaiuto (she/they) believes in community, compassion, and access, whether she is singing or running the show. Beyond ChamberQUEER, she is the Executive Director of Musica Viva NY and one-half of experimental vocal duo REXDuo. A dog lover, kombucha brewer, and kitchen experimentalist, she feels she fits in well in Brooklyn.

Dr. Kevin Devine (he/him)
harpsichordist /hurdy-gurdyist /anti-capitalist
A passion for early music led Devine to the harpsichord and a passion for high fantasy brought him to the hurdy-gurdy. He will be giving a recital next year in honor of Scott Ross, to commemorate 30 years since the luminary died from AIDS related complications.